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Our Product

Wenzhou Slogan provides clients the professional import & export service of goods and technologies (except where laws or administrative regulations provided otherwise). The company designs, develops the products and sells them to the global clients. Its main products as following:
2.Optical frames;
3.Reading glasses;
4.Accessories-hat, case, pouch, cord/lanyard, organizer, display/rack. 
The products accordingly are suitable for the crowd and often be used in: 

● Sunglasses:
● Application: 
-Modify the face frame, cover up eyes/face defects;
-UV protection/anti-glare/particular frequency light eliminated;
● Suitable crowd: All people;

● Optical frames;
● Application: 
-Correct faulty vision/reduce visual fatigue/;
-Prevent eye deviation/exophthalmos/amblyopia;
-Prevent complications caused by high myopia;  
● Suitable crowd: Myopia people;

● Reading glasses;
● Application: Solve the vision problem that the lens can't focus on close objects due to the aging of the eyes;
● Suitable crowd: People who need to wear reading glasses, and the age more than 40 years;

● Accessories-hat, case, pouch, cord/lanyard, organizer, display/rack. 
● Application: As ornament or eyewear packing, collection and display use;
● Suitable crowd: All people;

● Shoes;
● Application: Protect the feet and clothing matching; 
● Suitable crowd: All people;

● Garments;
● Application: 
-Protect the human body and maintain the body's thermal balance to adapt to the effects of climate change; 
● Suitable crowd: All people;

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